Vertical + horizontal Vibration Test System

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Slip table 
Vertical electromagnetic shaker is unable to test the heavy and large DUT, and the high position of center of gravity will cause side-slip, tumbling and overturning moment and this will always over-stress the suspension system of shaker 
and damage the system. Therefore, need for slip table for system for vibration testing is increasing to allow the testing to be done horizontally so that the system can withstand larger and heavier load.Functional structure of horizontal slip table can conduct testing for large and heavy DUT easily without malfunctioning. The limitation of normal vibration test can be overcome by changing the configuration of the shaker to horizontal position. Rigid integral structure and air damping system of shaker increase the reaction force of the system ,thus the influence of disturbance on the surrounding environment is minimized. The linear guide system ensures high strength if the slip table, and the cross vibration caused by asymmetry DUT is also minimized. The hydrostatic pressure system makes it possible to conduct vibration testing on large and heavy DUT which often produces large side-slip, tumbling and overturning moment due to high center of gravity. Oil film slip table is composed of a precisely ground natural granite and magnesium alloy equipped with linear guiding device of embedded or static hydrostatic bearing and provide users driving head of high frequency response and high strength.

Vertical expansion table 
Expansion table is made of magnesium alloy to provide expansion for the armature. Reasonable and scientific design of the table can achieve a testing frequency of 2 Khz. Specific micro-structure provides reasonable vibration damping and 
minimize the amplification factor of high frequency resonance.
Customization of expansion table is provided. Such as round and square table. 

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Frequency range (Hz): 2~3000
Maximum sinusoidal force (kg): 300kgf
Maximum random force (kg): 300kgf
Maximum shock force (kg): 600kgf
Maximum acceleration (g): 100
Maximum displacement (mm p-p): 76
Maximum velocity: 2.0 (m/s)
Payload: 100kg
Input channel: 2
Output channel: 1
Standard function: sine, random, classic shock, resonance search and dwell
Optional function: sine plus random, random plus random, sine plus random plus random, waveform reproduction
Optional model: 300kg, 600kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 4000kg, 5000kg, 6000kg, 10000kg, 20000kg (Include and above).
Customization options: vertical head expander, horizontal slip table, vibration controller, auxiliary devices, etc.

Working Principle of Vibration table

The Vibration table working principle of the electromagnetic vibration exciter is similar to a loudspeaker whereby electrical
conductor is moved by the action of electromagnetic force in the magnetic field. The force to accelerate the
moving part is generated by the balance between driving current and magnetic flux. Therefore, by
controlling the driving current, one can control the vibration generator.
The Vibration Test System maximum acceleration level of the electromagnetic vibration exciter is determined by the maximum
current and the loading. At low frequency, displacement of moving part is restricted such that the
acceleration will not reach high level. The resonance frequency of the moving element is set higher
than the upper limit of the frequency range.
The Electromagnetic vibration table performance of vibration generator can be reflected by the chart that displays the maximum
acceleration under different frequencies. By using a log-log plot, the restriction of displacement
can be expressed by a straight line with slope of 6 dB/octave.


Vibration table Features

1. Electromagnetic vibration table Rugged suspension system and linear motion guiding, strong carrying capacity, good guiding functions, high stability.
2. Load center airbag with high static stiffness and low dynamic stiffness, strong carrying capacity, perfect performance on amplitude variation.
3. vibration test chamber High efficiency D class power switching, 3-sigma peak current, low power consumption and minimum harmonic distortion.
4. Quick self-diagnosis with safety interlock, high safety reliability.
5. Airbag shock isolation device for vibration platform without the need of additional. foundation, perfect reproduction of vibrational wave and reduction in vibration transmittance.
6. Horizontal and vertical expansion platforms for different applications.
7. Simple controller operation.

The general formula for calculating force vector of vibration systems

Force(N) = Mass(kg) x Accelration( m/s² or g) F=MA
Mass = Shaker Armature + device under test + fixture (vertical table/slip table with driver bar)

Vibration Test System for Automotive parts,vibration table,vibration machine,Electromagnetic vibration table,Vibration Test Chamber|TALENTS

Model ZH203 ZH206 ZH210 ZH220 ZH232 ZH240 ZH250 ZH260
Frequency range(Hz) 1-2500 1-3000 1-3000 1-3000 1-3000 2-2500 1-2500 1-2700
Maximum excitation force Kg(KN) 300(2.94) 600(5.88) 1000(9.8) 2200(21.56) 3200(31.36) 4000(39.2) 5000(49) 6000(58.8)
Maximum displacement(mmp-p) 40 50.8 50.8 50.8 50.8 50.8 50.8 50.8
Maximum acceleration(g) 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Maximum speed(cm/s) 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200
Payload(kg) 120 200 200 400 400 500 800 1000
Dynamic coil quality(kg) 3 6 10 22 32 40 50 50
Dynamic coil diameter(mm) Φ150 Φ200 Φ240 Φ320 Φ400 Φ440 Φ445 Φ445
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Weight of exciter(kg) 460 920 1100 1700 2500 2500 3500 4500
Exciter size(mm) 750*560*670 800*600*710 845*685*840 1200*870*1100 1270*980*1140 1400*980*1140 1600*1120*1340 1650*1150*1280
Power amplifier weight(kg) 250 320 350 500 550 600 800 1000
Power amplifier size(mm) 880*580*1150 880*580*1270 880*580*1690 880*580*1520 910*620*1550 910*620*2000 910*620*2000 910*620*2000
Total power(KW) 9 20 25 35 56 56 75 75


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3.Product testing scheme.



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