AGREE Chamber

Short Description:

The temperature, humidity and vibration comprehensive stress test system integrates the temperature and humidity climatic stress test with the mechanical stress test such as vibration. When the test system is working, the stress (high temperature or low temperature, temperature variation), temperature stress, vibration stress and electrical stress) are applied to the sample simultaneously or separately in a prescribed combination and periodic space. Compare to a single stress, the environment simulation is more realistic and the test efficiency is higher.It has been widely used in the assessment of environmental adaptability and reliability of aerospace, marine, automotive, battery and other electronic products. It is applied to the early detection of electronic product design defects and the screening of process defects.

  • Features: temperature, humidity and vibration can be selected to work at the same time, temperature and humidity can be controlled independently.
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    Temperature Specification

    Temperature range:-70℃~+150℃

    Temperature fluctuation:≤±0.5℃

    Temperature deviation:≤±2℃

    Temperature uniformity:≤2℃

    Heating rate:within 3℃/min(mechanical refrigeration, under standard load)

    Cooling rate:within 1℃/min(mechanical refrigeration, under standard load)

    Standard load:5kg aluminium sheet,300W calorific value

    Humidity range:20%~98%RH

    Internal volume:1m³-4m³-8m³-12m³-16m³-60m³(Customizable)

    Vibrator technical specification

    Main function:Vertical + Horizontal

    Frequency range:DC~4000HZ

    Max displacement:25mm p-p

    Max speed:1.8m/s

    Max acceleration:100g(980m/s2

    Vertical expanded table size:400×400mm

    Horizontal slip table size:500×500mm

    Max sine force:300kgf

    Max random force:300kgf

    Max shock force:600kgf

    Armature weight:3kg

    Effective load:110kg(for reference only)

    AGREE Chamber Brief introduction

    AGREE Chamber is suitable for high temperature, low temperature, high low temperature cycle and temperature stress screening (ESS) test for whole machine products and spare parts. The vibration table is connected with the constant temperature humidity test, then it can realize the temperature, humidity, vibration comprehensive test.


    TALENTS AGREE Chamber advantages

    1.Temperature humidity and vibration test chamber Temperature rise or cooling capacity can be designed

    as high as 40C/min temperature change rate
    2.Specially designed dry air equipment, to protect the sample surface condense during the testing
    3. Modern design, latest modular creation technology ,perfect control power.
    4.Color screen 32 bit control system, Ethernet E management , USB data storage function, APP mobile

    platform management
    5. Programmable load power 4 ON/OFF output control, to protect the products safety
    6. Unique air circulation system
    7. Equipped with equipment overload, overheat, abnormal power supply, overpressure, 8. Temperature humidity and vibration test chamber Test procedure has humanized design, like intelligent power off reset, automatic memory continued and automatic origin starting function, etc.
    9.Independent product have anti condensation function and over temperature, calm, smoke protection function
    10. Auto return to room temperature setting
    11.Diagnostic system for information on operating times and possible failures.
    12.The device can expand the remote service function and provide the machine using a mathematical disc
    13.Multi-language selection: Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German multilingual language switching


    AGREE Chamber Product accessories

    1.AGREE Test Chamber Standard equipment
    Test product load power supply 3 groups
    Each side of the left and right side has a 100mm Pin hole
    Pin hole silicone plug 2 PCS
    Compressed air drying filter
    20L water storage tank 1 PCS
    Pure water filter 1 PCS
    Matched blind plate
    Supporting vertical hole bottom plate

    AGREE Chamber Optional equipment

    AGREE Test Chamber Isolated transducer, Protection device for testing product ( Sample protection to meet the standards NE60519-2.1993)
    50mm diameter Pin hole
    Automatic water supply device
    Nitrogen auxiliary device
    Spare parts package
    E management and Networking software
    Video monitoring system
    APP mobile platform management
    Supporting horizontal hole bottom plate

    Inside dimensions
    (W*D*H mm)




    Equipped with vibration table


    Horizontal table

    Horizontal table

    Horizontal table


    Vertical platform

    Vertical platform

    Vertical platform

    Equipment and countertop coordination method


    Temperature range


    Humidity range


    Temperature rise and fall rate

    1℃/min~5℃/min (Optional)

    Emperature uniformity

    ≤2 ℃

    Humidity uniformity

    ≤±3%R.H(>75%RH); ≤±5%R.H(≤75%RH)

    Temperature resolution


    Temperature resolution


    Cooling method

    Water cooled/air cooled

    Inner box material


    External material

    Advanced powder baking paint

    Reference standards

    GB/T2423.1 ; GB/T2423.2 ; GB/T2423.3 ; GB/T2423.4 ;  GB/T5170.2 ;  GB/T5170.5 ; GB/T11158; GB/T10589;   GB/T10592;  GB/T10586;  IEC 60068-3-5


    Our services

    Service timeliness:

    When a fault report received from customer(including telephone, faxand email):Talents will respond within 4-8 hours (working time),providesolutions and eliminate fault within 24-48 hours. After the equipmentguarantee period ended, supplier still has obligation to provide userswith technical support and after-sales service.



    1.Technical consultation: test method, laboratory planning and suggestion.

    2.Equipment selection: selection scheme, FAQ.

    3.Product testing scheme.



    1. 1.Customer communication and progress report.
    2. 2.Guidance for pre-installation preparation,equipment commissioning and test run.
    3. 3.Calibration (when Third Party's verification is required)




    1. 1.Technical training: operation of equipment, daily maintenance,common fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.
    2. 2.Scheduled on-site service: Detection of problem as soon as possiblein order to eliminate equipment and anthropogenic hazards. This is toensure long term and stable equipment operation as well as delivery oflatest technical information.
    3. 3.Technical support: special paid services are provided according tocustomer's needs.

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    Q5:How is the product packaged and shipped through logistics?

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