Rapid/Temperature Change Thermal-Humidity Test Chamber

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Rapid Temperature Change Thermal-Humidity Test Chamber is widely used in aerospace, aviation, battery, electronics, new energy vehicles and other industries to do accelerated thermal test, alternating thermal test and constant temperature test, etc. of the electronic and electrical products, materials, parts, equipment, etc., high-temperature and low-temperature routine tests and low-temperature storage can also be performed to evaluate the performance of the sample under given environmental conditions.

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Temperature Specification

Temperature range:-70℃~+150℃

Rapid temp. change linearity range :-40℃~+90℃

Temperature fluctuation:≤±0.5℃(no-load)Measured at the air outlet

            ≤±1℃(on-load)Measured at the air outlet

Temperature deviation:≤±2℃(no-load)

Maximum rate of temperature change:1~25℃/min linear (Measured at the air outlet,mechanical refrigeration, under standard load)

Temperature uniformity:≤2℃(no-load)

Internal volume:22L-80L-150L-225L-408L-800L-1000L-1500L-4500L(Customizable)

Humidity range:20%R.H~98%R.H(See temperature and humidity control chart)

Humidity deviation:≤±3%R.H(no-load)

Humidity fluctuation:±2%R.H(no-load)

Humidity resolution:0.1%R.H

Dehumidification function: The device has a dehumidification function to prevent condensation on the surface of the sample.


Rapid Temperature Change Thermal-Humidity Test Chamber description

Rapid Temperature Change Thermal-Humidity Test Chamber is suitable for the whole product, parts and materials for high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature circulating and temperature stress screening (ESS) test, and constant humidity and cyclic damp heat test. This type of machine mainly used to simulate the product in climate conditions, a temperature and humidity conditions or at ambient temperature and humidity conditions, detecting the product features and the adapt change ability. It’s the aviation, automobiles, home appliances, research and other fields necessary test equipment.

TALENTS  Rapid Temperature Change Thermal-Humidity Test Chamber advantages

1.Rapid Temperature Change Thermal-Humidity Test Chamber Can set the temperature variable rate of the different stress screening
2.Environmental stress screening test chamber Can perform a rapid temperature change (ESS), condensation test, high temperature and humidity test, temperature and humidity cycling test, etc.
3.Meet the requirements of stress screening test for electronic equipment
4.Switching temperature and average temperature these two kinds of test methods
5.Can set a variety of stress screening (fast temperature change rate) 5deg C/min,  10deg C/min,  15deg C/min experimental conditions
6.Meet the requirements of stress screening test for electronic equipment MIL-STD-2164, MIL-344A-4-16, MIL-2134A-19, NABMAT-9492, GJB-1032-90, GJB/Z34-5.1.6, IPC-9701....ETC.
7.Can carry out the two test methods, temperature test and average temperature test
8.With aluminum sheet test machine load capacity (non plastic load)
9.Single machine can perform fast temperature change (ESS), condensation test, high temperature and humidity test, temperature and humidity cycling test, etc.
10.Can screen the sample load with a large number
11.Built in two-way USB2.0 portable storage interface (can copy the test curve and load the test program)
12.Complete real-time test curve analysis shows that no time limit
13.Can be integrated with the E management system to monitor the management system
14.Multi-language selection: Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German  multilingual language switching.

Interior size(W*D*H mm) 600*500*750 800*600*850 950*800*800 1000*800*1000 1000*1000*1000
Outer size(W*D*H mm) Based on actual size
Temperature rise and fall rate ℃/min 5℃/min ; 10℃/min ; 15℃/min ; 20℃/min ; 25℃/(min linear/nonlinear)
temperature range -70~+150℃
Fast temperature range -40~+85℃
Humidity range 20~98% R.H
temperature uniformity ≤2 ℃
Temperature deviation ≤±2 ℃
Humidity deviation ≤±3% R.H(>75%RH) ; ≤±5% R.H(≤ 75%RH)
temperature fluctuation ≤±0.5℃
temperature resolution 0.1℃
Cooling method Water cooled/air cooled
Reference standards GB/T2423.1 ; GB/T2423.2 ; GB/T2423.3 ; GB/T2423.4 ; GB/T5170.2 ; GB/T5170.5 ; GB/T11158; GB/T10589; GB/T10592; GB/T10586; IEC 60068-3-5


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When a fault report received from customer(including telephone, faxand email):Talents will respond within 4-8 hours (working time),providesolutions and eliminate fault within 24-48 hours. After the equipmentguarantee period ended, supplier still has obligation to provide userswith technical support and after-sales service.



1.Technical consultation: test method, laboratory planning and suggestion.

2.Equipment selection: selection scheme, FAQ.

3.Product testing scheme.



  1. 1.Customer communication and progress report.
  2. 2.Guidance for pre-installation preparation,equipment commissioning and test run.
  3. 3.Calibration (when Third Party's verification is required)




  1. 1.Technical training: operation of equipment, daily maintenance,common fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  2. 2.Scheduled on-site service: Detection of problem as soon as possiblein order to eliminate equipment and anthropogenic hazards. This is toensure long term and stable equipment operation as well as delivery oflatest technical information.
  3. 3.Technical support: special paid services are provided according tocustomer's needs.

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